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Making sense of what people think about climate change.

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    Climate Emotions

    Climate change provokes a range of strong and sometimes conflicting emotions. How do people feel about climate change, and how do these feelings relate to thoughts and actions on climate?

    Climate Emotions

    Political Leadership

    The public want and expect political leadership on climate change. But in the context of historically low levels of trust in politicians, and widespread disengagement from the political system, how are perceptions of climate leadership holding up?

    Political Leadership

    Perception Gaps

    Politicians don’t always have an accurate impression of public opinion on climate change: what’s driving these misperceptions (and misrepresentations)?

    Perception Gaps

Climate Barometer explained

Climate Barometer helps you stay on top of public and political opinion in the UK. We curate the latest insights, provide data-driven perspectives, and run a climate opinion tracker with the UK public and MPs.

  • Clean Air Zones

    Clean air zones improve air quality, and influence urban travel choices. How is public opinion and political support influencing where and how these changes to our cities take shape?

    Clean Air Zones

    Cost of Living

    Rising costs and acute financial struggles are the dominant concern in opinion polls. How has the cost-of-living crisis impacted the discourse on climate change and net zero?

    Cost of Living

    Climate Activism

    Recent years have seen a rapid rise in new climate change protest groups. How have these protests been received? And how do people perceive climate protesters?

    Climate Activism


    Public opinion on renewables – including local developments – is as positive as ever. MPs’ opinions continues to be out of sync. But is this gap closing or widening as the roll out of green energy infrastructure accelerates?


    Topic threads

    From net zero to renewables, track the evolution of UK opinion through the timelines on our topic threads, dig into the data, or read regularly updated summaries.

  • Polarisation Climate Barometer Tracker 26th October 2023

    Tracker data: Do MPs see Net Zero as a vote winner or loser in Red and Blue Wall seats?

    Climate Barometer tracker data shows MPs see ‘Red Wall’ and ‘Blue Wall’ seats quite differently. For ‘Blue wall’ seats (historically safe Conservative seats that have become swing seats), Conservative and Labour MPs correctly judge that net zero is a vote winner.

    For ‘Red wall’ seats (historically safe Labour seats that have become swing seats), Conservative and Labour MPs have very different opinions. Labour MPs are much more likely to say that net zero is a vote winner (37% in April 2023) compared to only 7% of Conservative MPs. But both groups of MPs have become more convinced during 2023 that net zero is a vote-loser in Red Wall seats.

    In fact, there are no voter groups (or age groups, genders or regions) where there is not comfortably more support than opposition for net zero.

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    Understand what the UK public and political leaders think about climate change. From global leadership to onshore wind, our unique tracker allows you to see how public and MP opinion is changing over time.

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