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Climate Barometer makes sense of what people think about climate change.

An informed and responsive understanding of public and political opinion is crucial – for the climate movement, for journalists reporting on unfolding events, or for politicians who need a clear brief, fast.

There’s an abundance of climate opinion insights. But data is scattered, so the story can be difficult to follow.

Climate Barometer provides a signal in the noise, curating timely insights on what people think about climate change.

By monitoring and interpreting opinion insights across a range of topics, themes and narratives, Climate Barometer supports informed decision making in the heat of the moment. And our twice-yearly survey of public and MP opinion on climate change helps make sense of changes over time.

The Team

Climate Barometer is run by climate communications specialists. We have more than three decades of experience between us in social science research on climate change, working with campaigners, political strategists and decision-makers across the climate movement.

  • Dr Adam Corner

    Adam is a writer, researcher and strategist specialising in public opinion on climate change. He previously held the posts of Research Director at Climate Outreach and founding Co-Director at the centre for Climate Change & Social Transformations (CAST), and is a strategic adviser to the Local Storytelling Exchange

    Adam has written commentary and analyses for international media (the Guardian, New Scientist), authored a wide range of reports, published widely in academic journals and lead-authored the book ‘Talking Climate: From Research to Practice in Public Engagement’.

  • Dr Susie Wang

    Susie is a research scientist with a background in environmental and social psychology. Susie is passionate about doing social good with effective, creative, and careful research. Her work spans climate change communications and engagement, imagery, pro-environmental behaviours, neuroscience, and behavioural economics. Before Climate Barometer, Susie held various roles leading academic and non-academic research, including at Climate Outreach and the University of Groningen.

  • Dr Niall McLoughlin

    Niall is a climate and environmental psychologist with a background in human geography. He completed a PhD in climate change communication at the University of Bath and worked as a Senior Social Researcher at Defra, before joining the team to co-develop Climate Barometer. Alongside this, he runs a climate change communications consultancy, providing specialist research, advice and writing for a range of clients, including NGOs, academics, and businesses.

Disclaimer: Climate Barometer is nonpartisan and politically independent. Climate Barometer does not support or oppose any particular political party and our content is not intended to affect how someone might vote. Any political opinions and engagement in political activities undertaken by individuals working for Climate Barometer are in their individual capacities.

Climate Barometer is currently supported by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF). We’re grateful for supplementary analysis by Sylvia Hayes and thank all those who provided feedback during the early stages of this project.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions for content, please feel free to contact us.

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