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International Negotiations

Development Engagement Lab: Britons have greater awareness of COP26 than other countries

27 October 2021

Research by the Development Engagement Lab found that around the time of COP26, held in Glasgow:

  • Awareness and knowledge of the COP-26 climate conference was low across four countries where polling was carried out (GB, France, US and Germany)
  • However, it was highest in Britain, where more than one-third (35%) say they have heard and know what it is about – reflecting the fact that the UK was the host country

Reference article:

  • Authors: Jennifer Hudson, Paolo Morini, David Hudson
  • Date: 27th October 2021

The latest from the International Negotiations timeline:

Climate Barometer Tracker 30th November 2023

Tracker data: Nearly half of British public support climate compensation

According to our Climate Barometer Tracker, 48% of the public agree with the idea that “wealthy countries, with a history of high greenhouse gas emissions, should provide compensation to poorer countries for damages caused by the climate crisis”. By breaking this down by political voting behaviour, we see that the majority of this comes from Labour voters – with 65% agreeing. Of Conservative voters, 35% agree (and roughly equal numbers disagree) with the statement.

MPs, however, show a starker contrast, with Labour MPs in majority agreement (61%) and Conservative MPs in majority disagreement (58%).

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