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Communities near wind farms will receive £300 incentive

19 October 2023

As part of relaxing planning rules around onshore wind developments, communities near wind farms will be offered incentives of £300

Climate Barometer tracker data shows that onshore wind is a highly popular energy source, including a willingness to live near to a wind farm. However, public opinion has been misrepresented by Conservative MPs who significantly underestimate public support.

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Policy Insight 22nd November 2023

Autumn Statement: Discounts on energy bills to be provided to households living near new electricity transmission infrastructure

In the Chancellor Jeremy Hunnt’s Autumn Statement, it was confirmed that households living near proposed new electricity transmission infrastructure (i.e. the pylons and power lines required to transmit electricity from offshore wind and other renewable sources, to households) would be offered discounts on their electricity bills. The Chancellor said:

‘Following consultation earlier this year, we confirm that we are currently minded to provide both an electricity bill discount for properties located closest to transmission network infrastructure and a wider community benefit. The wider community benefit will be co-developed by the project developer and local community to best reflect community preferences. Our response to the consultation has been published alongside this document. We intend to publish guidance on wider community benefits in 2024. This guidance will be voluntary whilst we explore options for a mandatory approach. We will provide further information on the overall community benefits policy, including bill discounts and options for developing a mandatory approach, in 2024.’

Climate Barometer Tracker 22nd November 2023

Tracker data: Favourability towards wind and solar among MPs and the public

Climate Barometer tracker data across three waves (October 2022 – October 2023) shows high levels of MP support for solar and offshore wind energy. MPs have very high levels of support for offshore wind, but typically have less less favourable attitudes towards onshore wind than the public (though this gap may be starting to close).

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