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  • Mar '24
    Climate action dashboard: Trends in public opinion 2020-2023
  • Nov '23
    ACT Climate Labs: How to talk to ‘Persuadables’ about transport
  • Oct '23
    Map of ‘action based’ stories aims to offer hope through seeing others acting
  • Sep '23
    Friends of the Earth release a map of fossil fuel extraction sites around the country
  • Onward research: How to build support for net zero policies among Conservative voters
  • Social Change Lab: Does radical action shift the perception of more moderate activists?
  • Aug '23
    Resources for working with climate emotions
  • Research paper: testing hope-based messaging
  • Jun '23
    ACT Climate Labs guide: How to rebut ‘what about China and India’ arguments
  • Mar '23
    Platform report: The needs of offshore workers for a just energy transition
  • Jan '23
    Guide: How to better communicate about heat risks
  • Oct '22
    Climate Majority project seeks to take climate action ‘outside of the bubble’
  • Climate anxiety around the world
  • Message testing guide: How to talk about the cost of living and climate crises at the same time
  • Sep '22
    Briefing paper: The road to net zero – UK public preferences for low-carbon lifestyles
  • More in Common research shows how to engage ‘Blue Wall pragmatists’ on climate change
  • Aug '22
    ACT Climate Labs: How to combat misinformation around extreme weather
  • Oct '21
    Climate Just map: Climate vulnerability in the UK
  • Sep '21
    Climate Outreach report: Loyal Nationals see climate change as a shared global responsibility
  • Mar '20
    Guide: Engaging the public on climate impacts and adaptation
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